The Kutchi language is classified as an Indo-Aryan language. As the Kutchi people have often been travelers and traders, the Kutchi language has influences of almost every surrounding dialect, and is thus very difficult to learn and translate. Much like English is a mixture of French and German—with traces of just about everything else—Kutchi is technically a dialect of Sindhi (an official language in both India and Pakistan), but is heavily influenced by Gujarati, so much so that when written it uses the traditional Gujarati script.

Due to their geographical closeness, most Kutchi people are either bilingual or trilingual. Those living in Pakistan typically speak and understand Sindhi or Urdu, while Kutchis of India also speak Gujarati and possibly a dialect of Hindi.

Kutch: the second largest province in India, located in the Northwestern state of Gujarat along the border with Pakistan.

Kutchi: the ancient people group who inhabit the Kutch province, primarily made up of fisherman and artisans. Large populations of Kutchi also live in Africa and Pakistan.